Women Workers in China: 1949-2007

1949-2007: Women workers in China

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Wildcat analyse the situation, role and struggles of women in China from the Cultural Revolution until today. Continue reading


End of a Model…Or Birth of a New One? – Loong-Yu

International Viewpoint

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IV Online magazine : IV414 – July 2009


End of a Model…or Birth of a New One?

Au Loong-Yu

China’s thirty years of nearly uninterrupted high growth has encountered great challenge as global economic crisis has hit China’s export hard. Since China’s trade as a percentage of GDP is as high as 70%, the export-led growth mode has practically ended. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is aware of this. Continue reading

Reinventing, Reimagining, Rebuilding – Labour Internationalism

ReinventingLabour is for people who organize, struggle, analyze, critique and strategize within and around the international labour movement. It is for people who seek a space to share ideas and resources regarding challenges and potentials to strengthen a vibrant, critical, plural and emancipatory movement of all kinds of working people everywhere – a movement intimately related to the new ‘global justice and solidarity movement’ (aka the anti- or alter-globalisation movement). Continue reading