Global Unionism – Leitch

Global Unionism – which way forward?

Looking at the example of unionism in Mexico, Richard Leitch discusses different approaches to building union internationalism.

My recent review of ‘Global Unions, Global Business’ by Croucher and Cotton [on the newunionism site – pw] raised a couple of concerns about the authors’ preferred perspective of ‘regional minilateralism’. These revolved around its applicability to all areas of the global economy, and whether or not the alternative approach (which they call ‘rank and file bilateralism’) has some purchase for international trade unionism. Here I want to expand on these points, and look in particular at the example of building independent trade unionism in Mexico. Continue reading


Klimaforum 10 Platform

Press release # 8
México D. F., July 9, 2010

After several meetings, we have adopted the following Political Platform
of KlimaForum10:

patterns of the world are undergoing a rapid and disturbing disruption,
which is increasing in both force and catastrophic impact. This change
could end up being life-threatening for many human communities in coming
years, for the large majority of people in this century. Describing this
process as “climate change”, amounts to distorting reality.
 Continue reading 

El Nuevo Internacionalismo – Seoane y Taddei

En noviembre de 1999 la “Batalla de Seattle” contra la tercera reunión ministerial
de la Organización Mundial de Comercio (OMC, bautizada “Ronda del
Milenio”) marcó el “acta fundacional” del movimiento altermundialista. Hoy,
una década después de su “bautismo de fuego” en la escena internacional, este
movimiento enfrenta la salida impulsada por los poderes sistémicos a la actual
crisis capitalista que amenaza con profundizar los efectos y tendencias confrontados
diez años atrás. Continue reading

US Social Forum a Mechanism for Change – Becker

U.S. Social Forum a Mechanism for Change

Written by Marc Becker
Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Fifteen thousand social movement activists descended on Detroit during the fourth week of June for the second United States Social Forum (USSF) to discuss and debate proposals for how to build a better world. The slogan for the forum added “Another Detroit is happening” to the previous USSF slogan “Another US is necessary” and the standard World Social Forum (WSF) insistence that “Another world is possible.” Continue reading

Reinventing, Reimagining, Rebuilding – Labour Internationalism

ReinventingLabour is for people who organize, struggle, analyze, critique and strategize within and around the international labour movement. It is for people who seek a space to share ideas and resources regarding challenges and potentials to strengthen a vibrant, critical, plural and emancipatory movement of all kinds of working people everywhere – a movement intimately related to the new ‘global justice and solidarity movement’ (aka the anti- or alter-globalisation movement). Continue reading