Peter Waterman:

jacob v.d. doesstraat 28,2518xn the hague, netherlands. tel : 31-(0)70-363-1539

Born London, 1936, to a Jewish Communist family, I did a diploma in journalism and got my first job as English Editor (effectively chief sub-editor) of the magazine of the International Union of Students, Prague, 1955-8. After studies at Ruskin College (union-associated) and Oxford University, I returned to Prague, 1966-9, where I worked as a labour educator for the World Federation of Trade Unions (primarily in Africa).

After leaving the Communist world (and the world of Communism), I got a Masters in West African studies in Birmingham, and taught at Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria, 1970-72. From then till 1998 I worked at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague. Here I was successively associated with the Labour Studies and the Politics of Alternative Development Strategies programmes.

In the 1980s I founded the International Labour Education, Research and Information Foundation and edited the Newsletter of International Labour Studies (1980-89). Since around 1984 I have specialised on study of the new labour and other internationalisms, and on (electronic) communications and culture in relation to such. I have worked with universities, unions and international solidarity movements and publications in, amongst other countries, South Africa, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Peru, Russia, India, North and South America.
Since retirement in 1998 I have published various books, compilations and numerous papers – the latter almost all to be found online. I have also been associated, in one capacity or another, with the Network Institute for Global Democracy ( ), Programa Democracia y Transformacion Global ( ), Interface: a Journal on and for Social Movements ( ), the Global Labour Journal (http://digitalcommons ., CACIM ( CACIMHome ), the Labour&Globalisation Network (of the World and European Social Forums ( ).

My language capacities, in descending order, are English, Dutch, French, Spanish and smatterings of German and Czech. My computer competence is limited to touch-typing, word processing, email, Google and Skype, and some experiments with online publication (mostly Lulu). An earlier attempt at a personal website can be found at Global Solidarity Dialogue (till 2001), . For the last few years I have benefited from a blog on the bilingual Choike website (Uruguay), .

Brian Green –

Parent, sometimes-academic union worker, bad folk-singer, worse guitar-player, thinking on the borders of anarchism, Marxism and post-structuralism. Take a union rep who hates unions and an academic who hates academia, add in a healthy disdain for work mixed with a less-healthy drive to over-achievement, scramble with not-insignificant doses of radical Catholicism. Well, it’s a start.

Born in Jos, Nigeria in 1972, I was raised in in the international solidarity and liberation theology movements, travelling extensively in Central America, Cuba, and southern Africa. Trained as a sociologist, working as a union rep, I am based in Vancouver, Canada.

After an initial political and research interest in the areas of national liberation movements and international solidarity, the focus of my work shifted to the theory and practice of working class organizations after my introduction to the IWW and my engagement with various types of labour organizations in various capacities. I have worked as an elected and paid staff rep with a range of unions, in sectors from education to telecommunications to farm labour, and for the last 10 years have served as a staff rep for university faculty.

Academically, I have degrees in Sociology and Latin American Studies from Simon Fraser University, and a PhD in Sociology from the University of British Columbia, where my dissertation – After the Vanguard – traced the theory and practice of working class organization over some 100 years. My intermittent scholarly works can be found in journals including Critical Sociology, Labour/ Le Travail and Rethinking Marxism.


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