This page includes links to bibliographies previously collected, as well as a bibliography-in-progress which is regularly updated as new sources become available or become known to us. Should you have suggestions on additional materials we might want to include, please do submit them.

Existing Bibliographies:

Bibliography on the World Social Forum and Global Solidarity

The May 1st Database on Labour and the Left

Peter Waterman Accumulated Bibliography

Contemporary Labour Issues bibliography, courtesy of Kim Scipes.

Networked Politics E-Library

Virtual Labour History – Research Institutes

In-Progress Bibliography:

Lee, Eric. 2010. ‘On line union campaigns and the shrinking globe: the
LabourStart experience’, in McGrath-Champ, Susan, Andrew Herod and Al
Rainie (eds), /Handbook of Employment and Society: Working Space.
/Cheltenham and Northampton (MA): Edward Elgar. Pp. 421-35.


2 Responses

  1. You might want to link to my “Contemporary Labor Issues” bibliography at This concentrates mainly on North America, but unlike many academics and their efforts, this prioritizes work of labor activists, both rank and filers and lower level officials. Much of my material is linked to web resources.

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